Ffynhonnell: Source

One of my ongoing projects is an investigation of abandoned of wells within the Dyfi Biosphere.


Water is one of the most important necessities, both for our physical health as well as for the well being of our imaginations.Ffynhonnell:Source is an ongoing exploration – reaching beyond the surface of ancient well sites and responding to their resonances.This ongoing work has generated a number of projects:

Gwrando ar y Dwr/ Listening to Water. 2013

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A Theatre Production at Aberystwyth Arts Centre supported by the Arts Centre . I led this project, collaborating with artists Naomi Heath and Rebecca Collins Supported by PIP { The Performance in Practice Scheme}

Listening to Water was an artistic exploration investigating sensory connections with the landscape: how might listening inform our sense of place? How might a shift in the gaze allow ancient resonances to emerge.

Echoes and memories of once sacred places lie just out of reach on barely trodden paths, these fragments defy capture in one single medium and yet can speak to us in a multitude of ways.

This production was a creative dialogue between three women attempting to harness the intangible qualities of the out there.


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